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This site is aimed at helping you understand real estate finance and insurance.
We will show you how in the easiest way possible how to  comprehend numbers that get thrown at Home Buyers and position yourself to not have surprises when buying real estate

​The Elements of a Mortgage Payment

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There are people & details that can help and hinder you. Know who and what they are before you invest!

What & Who to Avoid when you apply for a mortgage

Understand Insurance Do's and Don'ts !

How to get screwed by your Homeowner's Policy



You as a Buyer need to be comfortable with a few numbers and have it part of your subconscious so when you decide on buying or leasing a place, you will use your senses to see, smell, touch a place.

Then sleep on it and while you sleep, the inner workings of your mind will process a series of numbers and the next morning you will make your best decision possible about what to do next.

These numbers are the primary numbers you need to learn for any and all properties you are considering to Buy, Sell or Lease.



1) What is the Unit measure per a certain area? In the United States, this is “What is the Price per Square Foot?” (In the rest of the world it is “What is the Price per Meter?”)

To understand how big a square foot or meter is, make your own interpretation.  

Take your foot and measure it one way, then turn toe to back of foot at a 90 degree angle and measure the other way.

  • Our feet size vary, but this gives a sense of scale. (In Metric / With Meters, it would be 3 of your feet back to back, then 3 feet in 90 degree,3 feet in a row).


YOU ARE the BEST UNIT OF MEASURE - be your own scale!

Make your own personal scale.  This is SO easy!

  • Place your feet on the edge of a wall.
  • Now lie down on the floor and mark / drop a piece of paper where the top of your head meets the floor. Stand up and see about how far that is.
  • This is your personal measure of space to determine “how big is this room to me?” Now, when you evaluate a space inside or outside and rate that space it is yours and yours only. Not your partners, not the babbling Real Estate agent, nope just your scale..and that is all that counts!


 Remember the price per square foot reasoning? Well sometimes a lower price per square foot means nothing. What is most important is:

“How well can I actually use a space? Inside, outside, on the roof?”

This means to best interpret #2 and #3 you need to think about how you will use the space, how it feels and then how anyone else in that space will feel.

You take that feeling about the spaces to really interpret the $/square foot. The real value is in how the end user will utilize the space. So here put a value on the space.

Many people have get rich schemes. Everyone has an opinion.  Life decisions should be carefully considered.

What we will promise you is a guaranteed way on How to go Broke in Real Estate!

How to go Broke in Real Estate

Some people make millions while others go broke. It is really a very simple process with both processes following the same path but using different mindsets to get there.

These are the steps to making sure you go completely broke in real estate:

1) Don’t have a plan. Having money doesn’t mean you can make money in real estate. If you do not have a written plan with a timeframe of when you are going to buy, how long you will hold, and when you are getting out” you might as well just throw your money up in the air like some crazy guy in a strip club and scream “eyyy!” a lot inappropriately. No plan on time means no plan on anything else. Time is the most valuable resource always.

2) Pretend its “only an emotional decision” This is how young married couples get in serious debt in the name of “Love” or as I call it “loooo-v.”  When you spend money and time to buy anything it is an investment. It is not just a place to live, raise a family or have a dog, it is an investment of your time and money. To the bank lending you money, to the insurance company charging you too much, they assume the risk of lending or disasters to hopefully make money off your investment.

When people don’t respect themselves enough they transfer that lack of self-respect to not respecting their money or time and it leads to a life of strife and debt.

3) Buying beyond ones means. If the bank says you can afford “x” dollars in real estate, take that number and deduct at least 10% and that is what you should be looking for. Why? Because buying real estate is the same as buying into a business. A business needs to be managed. This means upkeep, constantly until the end of time. If you don’t manage your business, it will destroy you, your family and everything else.  Allow 10% at least of your budgeted money to maintain your house, your home, your investment property.

4) Reacting spontaneously. We are emotional creatures all things bright and beautiful because whatever God we believe in or not created us or not. Alas, stuff happens and life happens. The land however has been earth for a long time and will still be here long after we sit on the ant buffet in the coffin. As such we should mentally prepare and be ok for when things break or bend. Many deals are struck when owners get filled with angst and grief when “normal life events” occur and they don’t take time to take a deep breathe and take stuff in stride. React spontaneously to buy or sell and you lose time, money and the ability to consider 1-3.

Oh wait! You DON'T want to go broke in Real Estate?  

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Now, I want to share what I have learnt on this ongoing path of our lives and hopefully make yours a little easier.​

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